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Monuments release a live performance video with a twist

Monuments Degenerate

Okay, so maybe it’s not entirely new, but this brand new video from groove-laden UK prog outfit Monuments does have something a little bit different, as a large chunk was filmed through GoPro devices – the widely used “wearable” camera so often utilised by extreme sports and adventure photography enthusiasts for its robustness and compact size.

Recorded during the band’s set on the London date of the Euroblast tour with Jeff Loomis, Vildjharta and Stealing Axion last October, the song in question is “Regenerate“, which comes from their debut album Gnosis, released last year through Century Media. It was a great show and Monuments put in a fantastic shift.

Mounted on the guitar headstocks facing down the neck, base facing up the neck, strapped to drummer Mike Malyan’s chest and even on vocalist Matt Rose’s microphone, the cameras capture an interesting perspective of the performance. Guitar enthusiasts in particular will enjoy the opportunity to see how the track is played – not that you get a great deal of time to see, given the format, but it’s cool all the same.

Matt Rose was in fact featured as part of GoPro’s Superbowl advert earlier this month, which included his vocals on the track the commercial used called “Running All My Life” by Walking Def, and features baby Charlie Ray and the hilarious “baby tossing” pseudo-sport. If you’re using camera equipment around young children, you’re damn sure it’d better be robust.

The release of this video comes just days before Monuments are due to head out on tour across Europe with prog-deathcore act Born Of Osiris – a tour which also features After The Burial and, perhaps somewhat surprisingly given the recent departure of three quarters of the band’s lineup only a month ago, The HAARP Machine. Full details are in the events calendar!

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