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Mortuorial Eclipse: A Symphonic Extreme Metal Band Worth Your Time

Mortuorial Eclipse - The Aethyr's Call

While surfing the internet for new music to bring to all of you today, I stumbled across this little symphonic black metal gem from last year. Mortuorial Eclipse are a three piece from Argentina who, despite their definite black metal leanings, seem to take more of an influence from their death metal brethren. There are strong vibes of NileSeptic Flesh and Behemoth, and the trio adorn themselves in the uniform of black metal – looking rather a lot like the latter of those three, their Polish brothers in arms.

The music itself is full of crunchy riffs and pounding drums that create a very powerful and oppressive wall of sound. This is augmented by the omnipresent orchestration, constantly whirling away in the background, adding much needed layers of depth, melody and drama to the music. This is the part that reminds me of Septic Flesh, and while it’s certainly not as sophisticated as their complex classical compositions, it serves its purpose as adding a particular flavour to the music.

Their debut album The Aethyr’s Call was released last year via Art Gates Records. On AGR’s Soundcloud page they put out a song called “At The Gates Of The Marduk’s Shrine“, which is a rip-roaring affair. An almost constant barrage of sound; it’s made compelling by the twisting and twirling orchestral melodies, complimenting the relentless aggression that comes from the more traditional metal instrumentation included. It’s not a new song by any means, but it is hard hitting, and as I’ve only just stumbled upon it on my travels, I figured that there might be someone else in a similar situation. There’s no word on any future output from the band, and while this debut didn’t change the world, it certainly showcases a lot of potential for a band that could grow into something really quite special. When you consider that symphonic extreme metal is a particularly hard genre to innovate, especially for an independent band with very little in the way of financial backing, it’s a remarkable effort that’s worthy of respect.

As of now, what the band need to do is focus on creating their own identity, rather than pillaging from others in the hopes that the combination will automatically create them their own. The respective bands that they have borrowed from are all highly respected and focused – whom have spent years perfecting their craft and their sound. It’s not going to be easy to try and combine the three.

What do you guys think? Are you a fan of this type of music? Is this a good example of it?

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