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“Salvation” is free; Mountains Under Oceans told us so

Mountains Under Oceans Salvation remix

Last year we were ecstatic to announce the signing of Glaswegian progressive post-metal quartet Mountains Under Oceans to our flappy little label wing Monolithic Records. September saw the release of single “We Built Our Castles On Moving Sand“, and since then the guys have been busy writing the follow-up to their self-titled debut EP.

To tide fans over, guitarist Robbie Tranter has remixed that EP’s closing track, “Salvation”, and the band are offering it up for absolutely spaffing free. They’ve also produced the following video to give a little bit of an update:

Speaking on the track itself, Robbie said:


The main idea was to completely change the track, but by keeping the main synth at the start you can tell straight away that it’s “Salvation“. I chopped up the audio and only used particular elements of the track, as there are a lot of time signature changes. By doing this it makes the track flow better within the dubstep theme.

And here it is:

The track is also available through Soundcloud, iTunes and Spotify, as well as Bandcamp, from which you can download it for free. FREE!

MUO are working hard on all sorts of things for 2015, so make sure to keep an eye on theirs and Monolithic Records‘ Facebook pages.