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We’re probably going to be taking it a little easy over the next couple of days, between Thanksgiving and everyone’s favorite day to be an utterly despicable piece of shit consumer whore, but that doesn’t mean that the news stopped. What that means is that you’ll be seeing some pretty big posts and also some video round ups that serve as quick hits to help folks know what their favorite bands are up to. This one is a little interesting since we’re pulling bands from the opposite sides of the metal spectrum, with the monstrous death metal juggernauts Nile standing alongside Beyond Creation‘s forest rocking out and metalcore veterans All That Remains. All of the videos are pretty concept heavy, although they deliver entirely differing results so lets dig in to today’s collection.


Nile decided to make Wednesday a little bit heavier with their release of “Enduring The Eternal Molestation Of Flame“, from their latest release At The Gate Of Sethu. If you’ve endured the gargantuan pounding that the group issued on that particular album, then you’ll recognize this song as the lead track. If you haven’t heard it yet, you can rest assured that it is still a Nile record, and continues the longstanding arts of incredibly wordy song titles and having some awesome instrumentals. Whilst I personally wait and hope that Karl Sanders is taking this sweet, sweet Nile money and putting it aside for a future solo release alongside his Saurian-whatever discs, Nile still have a huge following and still make some massive death metal. Their focus on mythology makes them pretty interesting, even if this specific outing wasn’t one of their strongest. Still, pretty good Nile can crush the shit out of a bunch of bands and this song is a good, quick hit of brutality.

And Jesus, look at Karl Sanders’ arm when he thrusts it in the air in the last minute of this video. That dude could crush our heads with just by closing his palm into a fist. Holy shit.

Beyond Creation

If there is one thing metal bands absolutely fucking love, it is to rock out in a forest somewhere. No clue why and the gasoline to run the generators to power all that equipment must be ungodly expensive at this point. Maybe I should be an embedded journalist on some group’s tour this year and see if they truly do just look for wooded areas and decide to play their latest single there or if they just play wherever the van breaks down next. Beyond Creation contribute to the fine art of forest rocking with a video for “Omnipresent Perception” from 2011′s The Aura. It was an album whose muted green, four spires aiming for the sky artwork betrayed the beast within. Unfortunately, because of this it also got swamped in the massive amount of music that hit last year, so even though it hit early it was always kind of the underdog amongst a massive surge of death and tech-death that came out. It’s a record worthy of looking into, especially if you’re a death metal fanatic. The video is a pretty goddamn good sample and the extended view of the bass section in the latter third of the song is just peachy.

All That Remains

All That Remains’ latest release A War You Cannot Win is one that we have not given any sort of listen yet. Not so much out of any sort of hatred for the band but because I think a lot of us were a little bit underwhelmed with For We Are Many so the new album is basically coasting by on a “If it’s good, awesome, if it’s underwhelming, enh…it’ll blow by” sort of attitude right now with us. For quite a few of us, the band’s new video – which hit in the beginning of the week and basically sat in the hopper until our next round up – is in fact our first exposure to their new material and man, if you like your music videos a little less death metal than what is above and a little bit more Call Of Duty with explosions, guns, and helicopters then this may be worth a watch for you. It unfortunately suffers from being a bit pedestrian overall but the group still has some pretty good guitar players and the solo sections are great. Phil spends much of the song singing his way through it so consider yourself warned since some folk aren’t too keen on his singing voice.