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Please note: “Murdock” not a reference to The A-Team…


I normally try not to start these kinds of posts with comparisons, but in the interest of catching your attention for Murdock, and three-piece from Ireland, I’m going to have to mention The Chariot.


Point the first: guitarist/vocalist Aidan Cunningham is vocally a dead ringer for The Chariot’s highly regarded frontman Josh Scogin. I was talking about Scogin with Quigs not two hours ago in relation to something else entirely, so maybe that has something to do with it, but should the former Norma Jean frontman ever fall ill, our lad here could definitely fill in – and indeed, Scogin is cited as one of his influences (“if for nothing more than that every word that comes out of his mouth is delivered with truth, conviction and sincerity – something that is not found all that often in music.”).

Point the second: the trio produce some fantastically scatty, furious, pointedly short metallic hardcore. In their new song “Brain Face“, the bass weaves all over the place, the drums change tempo often, and at the drop of a hat – and the riffs are delivered off-kilter and fast as hell.

This second point could also swing comparisons to The Dillinger Escape Plan, for whom they’ve opened before, in so far that the music is at the same time technical and the lyrics aren’t a bad pop either; I’m pretty sure I’m going to have “tell your friends, tell your wives, that I’m not scared to die!” stuck in my head for a good few hours yet. Why don’t you join me? Check out their new video for “Brain Face“, debuted over at Terrorizer today:

Something Aidan said in their interview with Terrorizer struck me, as I have a friend I admire greatly who does the same thing:

[quote-symbol symbol1]When we write songs, we write them beyond our abilities and then make ourselves be able to play them. We have no one else to hide behind, no filler, no time to fucking breathe. On guitar I feel like I am doing the work of two guitarists and then vocals on top, all while jumping around the place and falling into things. It makes me give every last bit of myself to a performance. After every single show we have ever played at least one person has come up and said to us “I was not expecting that from a three piece.”

Murdock will be releasing a new record this year. They’ve not been bandying around a title, but the final cap of the video leads me to believe it’ll be called Dead Lung.

In the meantime you can pick up “Brain Face” for free over at the band’s Bandcamp (where you can catch the rest of the lyrics, if you were interested). Watch out for Murdock hitting the shores of the UK this summer…probably quite hard…with sticks and stuff. Rawr.

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