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Murdock 2015

I’ve mentioned it a few times recently, but I’m really excited about Murdock‘s forthcoming record Dead Lung. There’s only three of them, but they make more noise than most, plus their drummer’s insanely good.

I’ve been waiting patiently for about 18 months now, and it’s FINALLY nearly here, but just to tide us over that last month or so, the band have dropped one more video for a song called “Erk“:

Everything I hear from them so far has been absolutely banging, but each song has also had its own flavour, which is nice to hear. One thing each has had in common is some hooky, earwormy lyric you can’t help but repeat with a snarl on your face. Brain Face has “Tell your friends, tell your wives, that I’m not scared to die, I’m just scared not to be alive”; The Signal In The Noise has the refrain “Each tick closer to the grave”, and “Deer Noises” has “a shit stain on the world”. The lyrics are thought-provoking and eloquent – to the point that I learned a new word from that last one (somnambulism, meaning sleepwalking).

For this it’s “I don’t care about the small-town politics”, which segues nicely into frontman Aidan Cunningham’s thoughts on the song:


The higher your viewpoint, the harder it is to see the invisible lines that divide us all. Borders, religions, racism or even just indifference to someone who is not like you, the further up you are, looking down at the world, you realise that all these borders are in our heads. We are all just atoms that don’t exist anyway…

Now here’s Tom with the weather.

Dead Lung will be released April 13th 2015 through Basick Records. The band recently completed a successful couple of dates in the UK, as well as a couple of Irish support slots for Sick Of It All. They’ve nothing on the immediate horizon, but we hope they’ll be back to the UK very soon in support of the album.