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but Murdock’s new single don’t sound like no deer I’ve ever herd

Murdock 2015

Herd of deer? Course I’ve heard of deer!


But down to business: Irish noise-merchants Murdock‘s forthcoming album might be my most anticipated, tangible piece of music on the horizon this year. Since wooing me with their dulcet The Chariot meets The Dillinger Escape Plan-esque tones back in 2013 with “Brain Face“, I’ve maintained inordinate amounts of hype for what was at the time teased as Dead Lung. Since, they’ve signed to Destroy Everything, dropped another track in the form of “The Signal In The Noise – and nothing else so far. It’s so delectably frustrating, but we know what’s coming is good. V good.

Things look to be back on track today though, as the band have announced they’ve jumped to DE’s older, more experienced (oh matron) sister label Basick Records. The title has also been confirmed, and a release date set. Hallelujah!

Most excitingly, there’s a new track, called “Deer Noises“. It sounds like a very specific, very angry deer actually; like, Bambi in his teenage emo phase. His mum got shot, plus nobody understands his pain and those jerks at school push him around. Angsty Tumblr coming soon.

Much like the previously released songs, this sets tech levels to 11. The riffing is frantic and syncopated; good luck following the rhythms first time round without a couple of Valiums and a good sit down.

I’m quite the fan of guitarist.vocalist Aidan Cunningham’s lyrics; there’s loads of that kind of quotable, shout-back-at-the-band stuff already, and “Deer Noises” adds to that. The mid-section where it breaks down and he starts screaming about spending “your short days asking why does no god answer?” is fulfilling on several levels – and who won’t love screaming the fantastically cathartic “a shit stain on the wall”?

I’m really excited to see what drummer Ronan Nolan will be doing with the rest of the record too. The dude’s incredibly talented (just watch him recording parts for one of the earlier songs).

Anyway, enough blowing smoke up their arses; Dead Lung will be released April 13th 2015 through Basick Records. Murdock have several shows scheduled for very soon, including London and Nottingham shows, plus several in their native Ireland supporting Sick Of It All, amongst other things.

Jan 29th @ The Macbeth, London
Jan 31st @ Nottingham Rock City, Nottingham
Feb 01st @ Voodoo Lounge w/ Sick Of It All, Dublin
Feb 02nd @ The Limelight w/ Sick Of It All, Belfast
Feb 07th @ Fred Zepplins, Cork