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Fates Warning release another new song from Darkness In A Different Light

Fates Warning darkness

We’re back with another track from progressive metal legends Fates Warning. This is the third new Fates Warning track to be released in advance of their new album, Darkness In A Different Light, their first album since 2004’s FWX, nearly a decade long gap. We covered the first two, Into the Black and “Firefly” which were released in August, and now getting closer to the September 30th release date, Inside Out Records have given us the song “I Am”.

I Am” is perhaps the most ‘rock and roll’ esque song so far. The guitars have a groove to them, albeit one that is a little bit oddly timed, and the verse and chorus vocal melodies almost remind me of some of parts of 90′s rock and roll such as Alice Cooper, Soundgarden and Pearl Jam. The drumming is still beyond excellent, but I have to admit I am slightly disappointed. The song just doesn’t grab me quite in the same way that “Firefly” and “Into the Black” did. The melodic structure just feels flat and Ray Alder honestly sounds a little tired on vocals. Guitar-wise, it is good, but the whole just seems less than the sum of its parts. I hope that this can grow on me or that it is an anomaly on the album as a whole, because it does not inspire confidence in the band’s ability to write a consistently good album anymore.

Still, there are good songs on the album, so it won’t be a complete disaster, just not the best entry in the band’s catalogue

Darkness In a Different Light will be released on September 30th on Inside Out Music and preorders are now being taken.

What do you guys think? Are you equally disappointed by this track? Are you excited for the album? Sound off in the comments!

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