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EMGtv showcases famous pickups; latest videos from John Browne and Devin Townsend

EMGtv John Browne Monuments I The Creator Devin Townsend Kingdom playthrough

EMG Pick-ups are seen as the brand of choice by many guitarists, from metal and beyond.

Over the last little while, the company has been inviting its endorsees over to their studio in California for some ‘live in the studio’ style recordings for their YouTube channel, and with more than 160 performance and interview videos now available, there are more than a couple of treats lurking in the collection.

The latest addition to this collection sees John Browne of Monuments playing through “I, The Creator“, due for inclusion on his band’s hotly anticipated second album. The song itself is not strictly new – under the working title of “The Indulger the band released this track as part of the audition process that ultimately resulted in Chris Barreto joining the band. And with Chris in place, the track was recorded during the Maida Vale radio session.

But, nevertheless, this is probably the cleanest version of the track to emerge so far, and fretboard-watchers will delight in the opportunity to scrutinise precisely where on the fretboard of his Ibanez Browne places his fingers.

The EMG studio has also been visited recently by Devin Townsend, who has apparently recorded no fewer than five separate tracks. Two of these have hit the YouTube channel so far, even if the latest – “Kingdom” – showcases his vocal prowess rather than the pickups. With “Juular” as the first track released, it will be fun to see what the remaining tracks will be. Any suggestions?

As well as guitarists setting up in the studio on their own, the channel features some particularly tasty full band performances from some favourites of The Monolith; most notably, Californians Armed For Apocalypse and Intronaut roll out a selection of tracks from their respective 2013 albums, both of which featured in my end of year list.

The quality of these recordings are uniformly high. The sound is crisp and clear, and the multi-camera visuals cleanly edited. EMG are clearly investing a good deal of time and effort in the production of this series. This makes a refreshing change from the standard promotional fare from gear manufacturers, which usually involves a photo of the endorsees standing awkwardly next to the latest bit of kit.

With the NAMM gear extravaganza having recently taken place not too far away, I imagine that a number of EMG endorsees have made a trip over to the studio to record a few tracks – so if you don’t want to miss any, then its probably wise to subscribe to EMGtv. (linky)