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Haken unveil yet another new track from impending album The Mountain

Haken Mountain

We here at The Monolith are huge fans of Haken. The prog rock sextet are part of a recent influx of excellent prog bands to come out of England, and are arguably the leading band in the scene at this point. Their first release, Aquarius, caught many by the ears, and the brilliant follow-upVisions built even more on their tasty blend of influences that range from YesGenesis and Soft Machine to Dream Theater and Opeth, mixing in their own unique flavour even more, and earning a contract with progressive music record label Inside Out Music.

Why bring this all up? Because on this most joyous of days, Prog Rock Magazine have unveiled a new song from their upcoming third album, The Mountain, called “Atlas Stone“.

Upon first listen, it definitely sounds as though the band have taken their sound just a bit further. With repeated listens, it becomes clear that the band have really upped the ante this time around. Everything sounds more comfortable and relaxed, musically tight, and very free flowing in terms of composition. The press release calls it “a delicate mix of soft chiming passages, jazzy interludes and crunching riffs” which is about as accurate as one can get. The ideas on this song are all excellent and all perfectly compliment each other.

One thing that Haken have always done well is put keyboards at the forefront in the form of piano without sounding pretentious about it, and their strong sense of dynamics has always been a huge strength, and both those are here in spades. The song opens with an absolutely gorgeous piano melody, and moves through quite a stunning array of various moods, from jazzy, to almost funky, to metal, before finally closing with a large burst of emotion.

All signs point to this album being another fantastic entry into what has already been an utterly amazing year for progressive music.

The tracklisting for The Mountain is as follows:

01. The Path
02. Atlas Stone
03. Cockroach King
04. In Memoriam
05. Because It’s There
06. Falling Back To Earth
07. As Death Embraces
08. Pareidolia
09. Somebody

The album will see release on the 2nd September in Europe and the 17th September in the US.

And as a side note, Inside Out Music are absolutely killing it this year, with stellar releases from Riverside and Leprous, and some serious promise in Haken, The Safety Fire, and Maschine.

What do you guys think? Are you excited by this new song? Are you familiar with the rest of Haken’s music? Do you think it’s a good year for progressive music? Sound off in the comments!

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