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DIY movie hits eight chapter, and features Every Time I Die guitarist

Vanna The Few And Far Between The Movie Every Time I Die Andy Williams

I’m incredibly out of touch with Vanna news it seems, as I was neither aware of their latest album, nor that, instead of picking a few songs and making some music videos, they instead decided to film a movie themselves and release that as the visual backing to the music.

I was really into their debut full-length Curses. It’s not for everyone, but its infectious blend of energy and hooks won me over, despite a bit of chugging. The record was also a bit more metalcore, but they seem to have mellowed slightly over the years, leading us up to The Few And The Far Between, which was released in March of this year.

The Bostian post-hardcore troupe are actually four full-lengths and five EPs deep into a nine-year career at this point, so I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised they put something out – which happened to be called The Few and the Far Between – but the movie step is an interesting one, and not something I’ve seen done before. They’ve been releasing it week by week, and have just released the eight instalment “The Dreamer / The Thief / The Relic“, which happens to feature a cameo from renowned Every Time I Die guitarist and general man-mountain Andy Williams.

Speaking on the project, the band said:

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When picking songs off a new album to highlight as singles or videos, for bands it’s much like parents with multiple children trying to pick a favorite. Ideally, you’ve put so much love and work into each one and don’t want to leave any behind or give less attention to each. We are so proud of all of our “children” on our latest album “The Few and the Far Between” that we wanted to figure out a way to highlight each song, just as important and meaningful as the last. Toying with the idea of shooting a video for every song, the idea to make a movie was born. This fictional narrative follows characters through a storyline where each scene touches on ideas and subjects expressed in each song in the same order of the album track listing. In sort of a Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon” meets The Wizard of Oz, the only soundtrack for the movie is the music of the album while the action plays out accordingly (with subtitles for dialogue). Though the movie is influenced by such coming-of-age movies as Stand By Me, The Goonies, and Less Than Zero, the characters and problems are derived from our own lives, as well as the stories of our close friends and fans we’ve met in our travels. This is very much OUR project, shot and produced by us with only help from our friends, behind the scenes and in front of the camera (none are trained actors) which we have created for YOU.

Rather than jump right into eight, here’s the full run so far. Only a couple left, so make sure to subscribe to Vanna’s YouTube channel to catch the final episodes.