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French electro-metal outfit The Algorithm to release new album in June

The Algorithm - Octopus4 album art

Ah-ha! Now this is a slice of good news, isn’t it? We’ve seen French artist Rémi Gallego – AKA The Algorithm – more times than we can count over the past couple of years, and whilst we love his and his rag-tag band of touring troubadors – a troupe which features Monuments drummer Mike Malyan and guitarist Max Michel – we feel like we could probably throw out the old crystal ball now and go with gut when predicting setlists; we’ve pretty much seen all there is.

But no more! Today, The Algorithm’s new album has been announced, along with some interesting bits and pieces. It’s to be called Octopus4, and the twelves tracks of various beeps and boops will drop June 2nd via the motherlovers at Basick Records.

What’s especially interesting about this is that, as part of a funding development for a brand new shoot-em-up space fighter called Pirates Vs. Privateers from Rogue Games, intended for future release on PS4, Mac OSX, Linux and Windows PC platforms. Rémi’s work has long been associated with video games – there are samples littered throughout his debut album Polymorphic Code – so this collaboration makes sense.

So how are the two intertwined exactly?

“French electronic sensation The Algorithm will be creating the game soundtrack. The Algorithm’s vicious style approaches perfection for PVP. A mechatronic audio assault that channels your adrenal instincts is a critical factor for this game.”

Okay, cool! It doesn’t look like the album itself will be the game’s soundtrack, as that doesn’t ship until around Q3 2015 (so, after next summer), so it looks like a cross-promotional deal thing. Pretty cool anyway. The project is being crowdfunded at the moment, so you can get full details here if your tancies are fickled.

Rogue Games are based in Australia, which provides a nice little segue because Remi and co. have just touched down Down Under in order to join Twelve Foot Ninja on their Troll Burger tour. Beyond that, they’re heading over to Japan to play with our dear friends in Cyclamen, and then it’s over to Russia to join After The Burial and Heart Of A Coward for four dates there. Check out the details below:

With Twelve Foot Ninja

Mar 21: The Zoo – Brisbane, Australia
Mar 22: Miami Shark Bar – Gold Coast, Australia
Mar 27: Anu Bar – Canberra, Australia
Mar 28: Cambridge Hotel – Newcastle, Australia
Mar 29: Manning Bar – Sydney, Australia
Apr 04: 170 Russell – Melbourne, Australia
Apr 05: Pier Live – Frankston Vic, Australia
Apr 11: The Gov – Adelaide, Australia
Apr 19: Rosemount Hotel – Perth, Australia
Apr 20: Players Bar – Mandurah, Australia

With Cyclamen

Apr 25: Shibuya Garrett – Tokyo, Japan
Apr 26: Studio 246 – Kyoto, Japan
Apr 27: Nine Spice – Tokyo, Japan

With After The Burial, Heart Of A Coward

May 5: Zal Ozhidaniya – Saint Petersburg, Russia
May 6: Volta – Moscow, Russia
May 7: Milo – Novgorod, Russia
May 8: 100 Ruchiev – Voronezh, Russia