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Returning We Hear The Larks pops back up with an homage to The Algorithm’s new album Octopus4

Returning We Hear The Larks

You’ll hopefully have been at least somewhat aware of the ruckus around The Algorithm‘s new album Octopus4. New songs, glowing reviews, and track-by-track runthroughs, it’s been part of our collective playlist for a little while now, and with good reason; it’s proficient, it’s mature, and it’s that something more than a little bit different.

The album’s only been out a week or so, but already the internet community has taken to it like a canard à l’eau – something that has been epitomised by the following vocal cover of the album track “Loading” by Returning We Hear The Larks maestro Jak Noble. Check it out:

Jak is perhaps better known for his more metal leanings with RWHTL, his one-man project which ran until last year’s Far Stepper/Of Wide Sea, at which point he concluded its output.

What you might not know is that he also goes under the guise of The Etherealist and Narcolept, dabbling in trip-hop and other production wizardry. As such, he’s got quite a range of talents, and so it should come as no surprise that he can turn his skills to pretty much anything. This vocal injection works really well both in terms of style and delivery, and is completely in keeping with the tone of Octopus4, whilst adding something very different.

Whilst gone, Returning We Hear The Larks will be releasing a compilation album or re-recorded, remixed and remastered fan favourites from RWHTL’s seven years of life. Make sure to keep up through the still active Facebook page here, and of course make sure you pick up Octopus4 from Basick Records!

And don’t forget, The Algorithm will be appearing at this year’s UK Tech Fest, which is in about a month.