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Aliases have been quiet. Let’s help them change that, shall we?

Aliases 2013

Things have been pretty quiet from the Aliases camp recently. Since the recruitment of vocalist Joe Rosser and the tantalising release of the “Exasperated” single back in April 2013, all we’ve really had is occasional social media messages about them beavering away on new material, and even more occasional gigs.

But all that looks set to change, albeit not immediately. The band have emerged from their laboratory, thrown off their white coats and goggles and declared their first full length album to be written. Now all they have to do is record it – which is where you come in.

In keeping with the spirit of the times, the band have launched a crowdfunding campaign to finance the recording sessions, along with the usual brace of perks for those willing to stump up a bit more than the cost of the CD itself.

There are a number of innovative perks that we will get to in a moment, but the band are offering a common perk that I’m not especially keen on. For the opportunity to have your name and photo in the CD booklet, there is a premium of about £20. For something that effectively costs nothing in time or effort to fulfil, I don’t think this represents a particularly good deal – but Aliases are far from the only band to offer this, and some people get a kick out of it, but it is not for me.

At the other end of the spectrum, they are also offering an hour’s tuition from any band member via Skype for just £25, which is riotously good value, and something any musician should seriously think about, considering precisely who will be on the other end of the webcam.

Among the more innovative options is for aspiring remixers to get their hands on the stems of the Safer Than Reality tracks and “Exasperated“, so I wait in gleeful anticipation of “What’s Left For Dub” and “All That Glitters Is Garage” from an aspiring producer.

Right at the top of the pledge tree is an offer for the band to record a pop song of your choice, for the princely sum of £500. It’s a bit of a stretch for me on my own, but does anyone fancy clubbing together to get them to techify “I Think We’re Alone Now” or Russ Abbott‘s “Atmosphere“? Anyone?

To put my money where my mouth is, I will be throwing my pennies into the hat for the standard CD/Tshirt combo pack, but also for the digital download of Safer Than Reality with re-tracked vocals from Joe Rosser. I think this is a perfect use of the pledge/perk system – a little something that will be nice to have, but doesn’t quite warrant a full, stand-alone release of its own. Good thinking.

The pledge campaign is set to run for a good few months yet, but some of the choicer perks are strictly limited in number, so you might want to get in quick if you want to treat yourself to something special.

Of course, pledging early will also give you access to the host of additional content and updates that the platform allows, and considering that the launch video, which you can see here, contains some weapons-grade titting about, I fully expect the amusement factor to be high with this campaign.

So what are you waiting for?