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Armed For Apocalypse REALLY want to play the UK

Armed For Apocalypse

Californian sludge-metallers Armed For Apocalypse released their second album, The Road Will End, back in July. If you’re not familiar with them, you can read what I had to say about it in full here.

Now the band have been given the opportunity to come and play a UK tour, supporting 36 Crazyfists at the beginning of November. Without the resources to pay for their airfare at such sort notice, the band have opened up a Kickstarter campaign to raise the funds.

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If you know any of us in Armed For Apocalypse as individuals you know music is our lives. We have been a band for almost 7 years, played hundreds of shows, toured all over the US and Europe and released 2 albums worldwide. We have done all of this with the hopes of some day becoming a working band, and this tour is the step that will take us closer to that goal than we’ve ever been.


Normally we would save up for these flights on our own but we are out on the road right now and won’t be home until mid-October. That doesn’t leave us nearly enough time, and we certainly aren’t coming home with any money so we’ve turned to YOU.

The only thing this money will be used for is the flights over to London and back and fulfilling the rewards. Anything over will be used for future touring expenses, of which there will be many.

The main draw for contributors, especially American ones, is the promise of four unreleased tracks from the The Road Will End sessions, which will be given in exchange for the lowest contribution of $10. For UK fans, a contribution of $40 bags the tracks, a t-shirt and entry to one of the shows. That looks like a pretty good deal to me – and I’ve already bought my ticket to one of the Underworld shows.

Other premium-grade perks include private shows, guitar lessons, songwriting assistance and a pledge to do literally anything. These guys really want to get across the pond.

Having loved both albums and unavoidably missed their last UK tour a few years ago, I certainly hope this campaign is a successful one.

15/10/13 UPDATE! Almost as soon as this article was published, the band announced that they have raised the $5,000 they need to get themselves over here for the tour.  This is very good news indeed.  The campaign is still open for a few more days and, as I said originally, the $40 deal still represents the best value for UK fans looking to head down to one of the shows.  If you’re going to second London date, I’ll see you there.

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