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Tech masters to begin recording in December

Blotted Science

We’ve been talking about technical music a lot this year. As our love affair with Tech Fest grows, and the British progressive music scene as a whole grows, it’s clear that it’s a good time to like your fretboards weedled.

It is great news, then, that technical heavyweights Blotted Science have announced they are to begin recording a new album this December, presumably with a view to releasing in 2015.

Main man and general guitar-Gandalf Ron Jarzombek said of the news:

“Our last release, 2011′s The Animation Of Entomology was scored to bug movies, this time around the concept is viruses. No song titles have been locked up, but ‘Virology’ likely will appear in the CD title. As of now, we have 37 minutes of completed material and bits of other tunes on which we are working at the moment. So we are well on our way to having enough music for a full-length CD.

We are taking a bit of a different approach in terms of song writing, and production on this CD. The tech and brutality will still be there, but we are distributing the writing and production duties more evenly between band members. So Hannes‘ (Grossmann – ex-Necrophagist, Obscura) and Alex‘ (Webster – Cannibal Corpse, Conquering Dystopia) writing input on our next release will be more present, adding a bit of a different element to our sound. We will also have some drastic changes in our production, so we’re pretty stoked about this next release.”

Us too, Ron. The Animation Of Entomology is one stunning piece of work; as he says, it was scored to bug movies, or more specifically sections of movies containing bugs: specifically the house attack scene from Slither, part of the opening of TV movie Swarmed, and the nightmare-inducing bug chasm from King Kong.

Ronny’s a very clever composer, and has a unique way of doing things. He uses a writing tool he devised called the ‘circle of 12 tones’, which he explains better than I ever could here. It makes for some really interesting and, bringing us back round to the opening paragraph, technical music.

Whilst you wait excitedly for the new album, and on the subject of 12 tones, there’s a digital DVD in the works called Dissecting Bugs in which Ron will teach you how to play said buggy EP. Here’s a teaser:

Details on all that here, and more on the ‘Virology’ album when we know more.