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Circa Survive’s new album drops next month

Circa Survive - Descensus banner

Oh god, I think I just passed out and hit my head. It’s here. News of the new Circa Survive album. Pass the paper bag.

I like Circa Survive. A lot. A really lot. It’s hard to describe what they mean to a lot of people, but it’s the kind of love that inspire rabid fanboyism, tattoos, and undergarments being thrown on stage. Whilst I’ve not gone that far (yet), they have put out several phenomenal albums. If you weren’t listening to Blue Sky Noise in 2010, I probably wasn’t interested in holding a conversation with you.

The band’s last album, Violent Waves, was self-released with relatively little fanfare, and although a strong record, it seems the band have decided to work with a label once again. It was announced a couple of months ago that they’d joined forces with Sumerian Records, which seemed like an odd fit, but there you go.

There’s been word that the new record was finished, but we’ve now got the official confirmation, art, and a few details. Announced yesterday, it’s to be called Decensus, and there’s even a bit of a teaser:

So, it sounds like Circa, in the best way possible. There’s melody, there’s dischord, there’s Anthony fucking Green. Speaking of, the man himself said in an interview with Alternative Press back in August that it’s going to be the most aggressive Circa record to date, and also “I absolutely, without a doubt know that anybody who’s an actual fan of Circa Survive is gonna fuckin’ be able to jerk off to this record.” So yeah.

There has actually already been a new song called “Jimi” played live. Here’s a fan-filmed rendition from back in July, which I managed to miss:

Descensus will be released November 24th through Sumerian Records. New album usually means tour, so…yay.