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Cloudkicker: Little Histories, minimal fanfare

Cloudkicker - Little Histories album art

We don’t like to criticise, but we do sometimes feel that some sites and magazines publish their year-end lists a little early. Like, when there’s still a good 8.3% of the year left to go.

Friday’s news from Cloudkicker illustrates exactly why (delayed because, because as Ben Sharp – Mr. C himself – is wont to do, he has this week announced his new EP Little Histories will be released…next week.

Such is the quality of his work, and indeed, many others releasing between now and the end of the year, that you can never wrap up your lists too early.

Little Histories was announced via the Cloudkicker blog, and will run as follows:

01. Parliament 01:28
02. Sky Guide 02:56
03. Chameleon 03:53
04. Digital Lightning 05:00
05. Hassan 06:51
06. Signal/Noise 05:02 (Digital Bonus Track)

The release will be available as a digital download, with a 10″ vinyl to follow, probably around January.

North America was lucky enough to catch the first ever live Cloudkicker tour this summer, when Ben toured with Intronaut (who acted as his live band, as well as playing their own set). It was by all accounts (including our own) awesome, and there is also a live album produced on said run, which was released yesterday and is available on the website.

Little Histories will be available from the same place on Monday, 1st December.