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Red Kunz debut also gets a release date

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Two things we are particularly keen on here at The Monolith are the growing crowdfunding movement and post-The Ocean noise terrorists Coilguns - so when the latter announces they are joining the former, we are bound to be all over it like a rash.

The Swiss trio are looking to fund the production run of a split release featuring themselves and fellow countrymen Abraham. Abraham’s sound is a bleak, beard-ridden post-metal affair that has previously seen the light of day through a couple of albums released via Robin Staps’ Pelagic Records. Combining their dark tones with the chaotic exuberance of Coilguns should ensure this is a varied release, to say the least.

The target amount for the campaign is a relatively modest 5,000 Swiss francs (and they are already about a fifth of the way there as I write), and comes with a typically DIY selection of additional, personalised perks.

Sitting right at the top of the perk tree is the opportunity to have the band come and play wherever you like. Having seen Coilguns comprehensively lay waste to a tiny London pub basement, this is not an option for the faint hearted, but the good news is that they will be back in the UK towards in October for a show at the Camden Underworld, which may be a safer option than having them set up in your living room. But only just.

Further down the scale are all manner of permutations that will particularly appeal to vinyl fetishists, but I will be throwing my own pennies into the hat for my standard CD/t-shirt combo package. Most options come with a unique, personalised message of some description and given the band’s sense of humour, I expect them to be shocking and hilarious in equal measure.

If you are yet to experience Coilguns, “Plug-In Citizens“, from last year’s splendid Commuters long-player, tells you everything you need to know in 96 seconds. Brace yourself.

If that wasn’t enough, drummer Luc and Louis, picking up his bass again, spent a week at the start of the year in session with Aaron and John from Red Fang, culminating in a single show as Red Kunz. We wrote about it at the time, but now we have a new teaser video and – most importantly – a release date for the recording of the show.

We will finally get to hear this unique two-drummer, two-bassist project on August 15th (via Hummus Records), and it will be named Teeth, Hair and Skin. The previously released trailers have been tantalising, but this one confirms that the recording should be a must-hear for rhythm section aficionados everywhere. Check it out: