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Destiny Potato guitarist David Maxim Micic announces details for new solo EP Bilo 3.0 in video update

David Maxim Micic - Bilo 3.0

You might already be aware that David Maxim Micic, well known as the guitarist behind Century Media’s Serbian prog rock group Destiny Potato, also has a solo side project to release his own compositions.

So far we’ve had Bilo 1.0 in 2011 and Bilo 2.0 last year – a very strong release which made my year end list – and now we’re due for, funnily enough, Bilo 3.0, which certainly has the potential to blow the socks off its predecessors, such is Micic’s talent.

David says it’s not finished yet, but it’s really close to being done, and that’s great news. Some last minute changes have snuck their way in, but this is most likely just the tinkering stage, and so it’s still very much on course for release – which despite said tinkering, is very soon: November 17th, to be exact, which he announced in this video update, which rounds off with a sneak peek of some of the new material:

In the video he also remarks on the guest spots that will appear on the EP – which is actually more like a full-length album, such are the track lengths.

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There’s a lot of people involved this time. There’s a lot of vocals and a choir. I’ve said it before; this release feels right, more than ever, and I can’t wait for you to hear it!

David has a wealth of talent at his disposal, being connected with the likes of vocalists Aleksandra Djelmas and Aleksandra Radosavljevic, uber-talented young Disperse guitarist Jakub Zytecki (who appeared on both of his previous EPs), and most of the young European progressive metal scene by extension. His late-night jam with several of these figures at this summer’s UK Tech-Metal Fest, including Monuments bassist Adam Swan, Mask Of Judas’ Sam Bell and The Algorithm‘s Max Michel, was certainly testament to this.

Filmed by Digital Fufux

Bilo 3.0 will be out via iTunes and Amazon on November 17th as mentioned, with a likely Bandcamp release also in the works (pending a few Paypal issues; like we have’t all had those…). Can’t wait to catch this!