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British ambient metal stalwarts Devil Sold His Soul sign up with Basick Records and release a new video for “Time”

Devil Sold His Soul 2013

A few months back, British ambient metal band Devil Sold His Soul unveiled a new single called “Time.” It was their first new recorded material since founding frontman Ed Gibbs left the band at the turn of the year, and showcased the direction they were taking with new vocalist Paul Green – who you might recognise from tech band The Arusha Accord.

Whilst it was a good song, it mainly seemed like a promotional tool for their new website, which launched around the same time. That’s cool and all, but what I’m sure we all really wanted was something concrete on what the band would be doing next, or more specifically, more details thereof.

And whilst we haven’t got confirmation of a new album or owt, today the band have announced they have signed to progressive metal label and Monolith favourites Basick Records, in a deal that might confuse at first, but actually makes perfect sense.

You see, DSHS aren’t really like much Basick have released for a long time. The past few years have seen the label focus more on prog and tech-related bands such as Chimp Spanner, The Algorithm, Aliases and, well, The Arusha Accord.

DSHS aren’t much like any of those, but you can see the connections forming. As Basick boss Barley put it:

[quote-symbol symbol1]I’ve been a Devil Sold His Soul fan ever since I felt the first chords of Darkness Prevails crunching through my skull back in 2005. When I got the recent news that my good friend Paul Green was taking up vocal duties for the band, I just knew that the result would be something that I would have to try and work with in any way I could. Enormous songwriting coupled with a ridiculous vocal talent; DSHS just achieved a Level-Up!

Besides the new guy knowing the label well, when you consider that the band’s last album Empire Of Light came out through Small Town Records, whose former label manager now works at Basick, and you’ve got a whole lot of sense. It’s not what you know, but who you know people.

To celebrate the signing, a full video for “Time” has been released. Something about chasing a bird down a lane, but it’s a pretty cool showcase of Paul’s talent.

Time” will be available for download from December 9th over at iTunes.