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Ever wanted to be on a Devin Townsend record? Here’s your chance to contribute!

Z2 Universal Choir

Devin Townsend has never been one to shy away from crowd and fan participation in his music. His material is tailor-made for audiences to sing along with, he has taken fan suggestions for artists to work with, and for his Epicloud album he had fans submit their own videos for his song “Lucky Animals“, which he then compiled and used for the official video.

And fans have repaid that love many times. It is no news to anyone that Devin’s crowdfunding campaign for his Casualties Of Cool album went way over the target funding, and is helping fund Z2, the sequel to the beloved Ziltoid the Omniscient album.

Once again, it appears time for Devin to call upon his massive fanbase; this time to contribute something to the actual album itself. Inside Out Music have launched a page which includes videos of Devin explaining how fans can record themselves singing certain parts of songs from the upcoming album and send them in to be included in something Devin calls the Universal Choir. There are three tracks and five parts that people can sing and send in, ranging from easy to difficult.

You can download the song demo files and lyrics here. Devin has uploaded a video explaining the whole process, but to summarize, he wants you to record yourself singing the parts he has specified, then submit it using the same web page. Once you submit, you will be emailed a contract that you have to fill out and submit as well, which is annoying, but probably necessary to avoid some enterprising moron suing him for royalties later.

Having fan-sung gang vocals is not a new concept at all, of course, but what is different about this is that Devin is getting fans from across the globe to record their own vocals. He isn’t the first to let fans record their own message, Arjen Lucassen did that for the first Guilt Machine album in 2009, but I feel like Devin’s is a much bigger and wider reaching endeavor. The results should be quite awe-inspiring to hear once the album is complete. I know I will be contributing my voice to this release; how about you?

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