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Direwolves tease new album Ægri Somnia with a short video, and set release date via Throatruiner


With so many awesome albums being released this year, 2014 just gets better by the month, and the latest addition to this long list hails from Lorient, Western France, where melodic hardcore/punk deviants Direwolves look to follow up their powerful 2012 EP Me From Myself, To Banish by not only enhancing the spectrum of their sound by touching on a large range of sub-genres, but also making sure to avoid any respective clichés that come with the territory. While news of a new album was mentioned here and there over the past few months (including in our massive 2014 preview), this teaser is the first glimpse of what to expect from Direwolves first full-length album, ÆGRI SOMNIA.

A statement regarding the new album from their label Throatruiner Ṙecords said:

“Songs such as “Holy Treason” or “Face The Facts” show the band at their most vehement, colliding unstoppable drumming with heavily metallic-influenced riffs while the end of the record explores more emotionally-charged post-metallic soundscapes. With their constant will to remain straightforward but diversified Direwolves deliver eleven highly epic and passionate anthems, condensing everything you could expect from a great hardcore LP in 2014.”

Color me stoked. When I first heard the band’s EP, it blew me away, so much so that it made my Top Ten List of 2012 – so it’s safe to assume I’m more than excited to hear Ægri Somnia. Also, at twelve songs, it’s twice the length of its bittersweetly short predecessor, so there’s much more room for expansion from the French bruisers.

To hype things up a little bit, the band have released a 32-second teaser video, which can be seen here:

The new album is set for release March 31st 2014 via Throatruiner Ṙecords, but in the meantime, watch the video teaser below and prepare to rage!

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