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I met up with some old friends from my hometown over the weekend. Like all the best friendships, ours was formed with a similar taste in music. We got to talking about side projects, including Chino Moreno’s ††† and Keith Buckley’s Black Medal, which in turn led to wondering when Buckley’s main band Every Time I Die would be resurfacing, as they tend to work in two-year cycles, and their last record came out in spring 2012.

Well blow me if a tasty news teaser hadn’t already reared its pretty cymballed head in the form of a pictorial update from Converge guitarist Kurt Ballou’s Godcity Studios:

Kurt Ballou Godcity Every Time I Die

“It’s new cymbal day here at GodCity. Wow, Paiste Cymbals are nice. I hope Every Time I Die doesn’t break them.

And then this afternoon, word from the band themselves through Facebook:

“Kurt Ballou had always intimidated the living shit out of me, so I was overjoyed when the decision was made to record our next record with him at GodCity and I mean that sincerely. I’ve been a fan of his work for over a decade. His records are terrifying and moving and they sound like they were written and recorded under great duress, which is exactly how this style of music should be made. This month we join the pantheon. I couldn’t be more excited to see what he helps us learn about our own band that we didn’t realize for the past 15 years.”

That’s really cool. If you didn’t know, Kurt Ballou, aside from producing all of Converge’s music, has worked on such records as Cave In‘s Until Your Heart Stops, Genghis Tron‘s Board Up The House and Gaza’s No Absolutes In Human Suffering, That’s on top of most of what Trap Them, Kvelertak and Doomriders have done. The full list is pretty special; have a look here.

Anyway, the update also states that ETID will be heading out on this year’s Warped Tour immediately after they’re done recording what is to be their seventh full-length. That starts on April 1st with a kickoff party, and then will be kicking off properly from Mid June until August. More details to come, I’m sure!