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Defunct experimental hardcore band re-release limited copy ‘joke’ album through Bandcamp

Down I Go - This Is Dinocore

What better way soothe the pain of the first proper working day than an entirely unexpected album release?

The album in question rejoices in the name This Is Dinocore, and has emerged from the camp of the sadly defunct hardcore noise terrorists Down I Go.

The album originally saw a very limited release back in 2006, but now the band have seen fit to make it available digitally, on a pay-what-you-like basis via Bandcamp.

Said the band:

Years and years ago, the three of us made a record about Dinosaurs for a joke. It was a series of tiny, stupid songs about different dinosaurs, and a few longer, equally stupid ones about the things they got up to. We put it on some CD-Rs in paper sleeves, booked ourselves some gigs and sold them all, then never made any again.

A few people have asked after it over the years, so here’s a link. Pay what you like. Tell your friends.

You can have it in loads of different formats and, so Ben says ‘I included the artwork booklet pdf as a download extra’.

I didn’t even know there WAS an ‘artwork booklet’.

All the elements that made their 2011 swansong EP Gods a fantastic but bittersweet listen are evident here. The band’s ramshackle, spasmodic approach to rhythm and melody comes across like the Melvins being nailed into a tea chest with a couple of honey badgers, then pushed off a cliff. People who may have recently had their faces torn off by Baby Godzilla are likely to find much to please them in the Down I Go back catalogue.

The former Undergroove Records band’s 2011 swansong Gods featured four tracks named after Gods. 2008′s Tyrant featured tracks named after bloodthirsty dictators – so it should be unsurprising that This Is Dinocore hosts nine tracks named after dinosaurs. All nine of these tracks clock in at less than a minute long, and are divided into groups of three by longer, but no less demented tracks. Last track, fittingly titled “Extinction“, appears to be sixteen minutes long, but carries more than ten minutes of total silence within it before a ‘secret’ track stuck right on the end. A minor irritation, and one that can easily be solved in a couple of minutes with an Mp3 editor.

Its not exactly an easy listen, but it carries an infectious sense of fun, making this a treat for the uninitated and established fans of the band alike. It certainly wasn’t what I expected to be listening to when I dragged myself out of bed this morning, but I’m very pleased it has emerged and made the day considerably more thrillingly shrieky than I had anticipated.

And no post about Down I Go is really complete without the inclusion of the spectacularly bananas video the band made for “Poseidon“, from Gods, which probably ranks as one of my all-time favourites. That EP is still available, too, from the good people at shelsmusic, so if you like what you hear, you can pick that up too. You have been told.

Sadly, Down I Go are no longer about, but that’s only because the three members now all live in different countries. Sad for music lovers everywhere, but it’s nice to have had this news to give us a chance to remind you why these guys were so good.