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Canada’s primo musical awards announces nominees, including a very difficult metal/hard rock category

Juno Awards

When last year’s UEFA Champion’s League groups were drawn, there were hard draws for some teams as always, but the group that stood out above all was Group F, which contained Arsenal, Borussia Dortmund, Napoli and Marseille. All have been firmly ensconced in the top quarter of their respective domestic leagues for years now, and some of them regular fixtures in the competition for over a decade.

So, if you know anything about European football, you’ll understand how mind-bogglingly difficult to call that group was. In the end, Dortmund and Arsenal qualified, but Napoli set an unfortunate record in being the first team to accumulate twelve (of a possible eighteen) points and still not go through. Heartbreaking.

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In much a similar fashion, The Juno Awards nominees have been announced this week, and although we haven’t much of an interest in whether Justin Bieber or Nickleback have the smaller wiener, the metal/hard rock category is of note, and the potential winners are:

AnciientsHeart Of Oak
The FlatlinersDead Language
GorgutsColored Sands
KEN modeEntrench
Protest The HeroVolition

KEN mode have won before, in the category’s inaugural year, for 2011′s Venerable, but other he ultimate victor is going to be more subjective (however entertaining some sort of sporting contest between the five would be – probably ice hockey, given it’s in Canada), but how in the ever-living fuck do you choose out of those? I mean,

We have no idea, but someone(s) has to. Below is a cut from each of those records; let us know who you’d choose!