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GWAR’s first female vocalist takes reigns from departed Oderus Urungus

GWAR are really something, you know? To survive the death of one band member is hard enough – although not impossible – but to lose two in the space of a couple of years is almost unthinkable. They may play at monsters, but that kind of occurrence is enough to knock it out of the sturdiest of space demons.

Nevertheless, GWAR have managed it. Guitarist Cory Smoot (Flattus Maximus) died in November 2011, and then earlier this year they also lost iconic long-serving frontman Dave Brockie (Oderus Urungus). Absolutely devastating.

Still, GWAR carried on as they always have: decapitating unpopular world figures on stage and spraying the audience with blood and assorted goo. You can’t say fairer than that.

Obviously, since Brockie passed away there has been a hole at the forefront of this madness. Former bassist Michael Bishop, who played Beefcake the Mighty in two stints from 1987 to 1999, took on the role in the new guise of Blöthar, a stunted creature with goo-spraying udders, but he’s now been joined by a brand new member – and the first female since 2000.

Kim Dylla, known also for her other band Kung Fu Dykes, will play as Vulvatron, a purple-armoured Amazonian with fake prosthetic breasts that, as is customary it seems, spray goo at will.

She debuted at Riot Fest in Chicago last weekend, and reactions seem to have been overwhelmingly positive so far, and all signs point to Vulvatron being a worthy successor to the legend of Oderus Urungus, whose costume was given a viking funeral last month

You can keep up with Vulvatron herself on Facebook and Instagram (where she has already mastered the selfie), or if you live near any of their forthcoming tour stops (with Decapitated and American Sharks), you can be among the first to see her in action.