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Hit The Deck 2015 announces first 25

Hit The Deck 2015 01

Okay, well this changes things a bit. I’m already looking forward to an unattendable number of festivals this year – Takedown, Temples, UK Tech Fest, Hevy, Euroblast and Mammothfest topping the list – but today’s announcement from Hit The Deck has thrown another worthy one to the fray.

Announcing no fewer than 25 bands for the Bristol/Nottingham event(s), the festival has nailed a varied and most excellent lineup already. The main draw will be headliner Skindredmore the forte of my colleague Simon – but there’s a great deal I’d be excited to see.

Cancer Bats is an obvious one; The Canadian rioteers have a wealth of experience and playing crowd-pleasing tunes is basically their bread and butter. They’ve a new album – Searching For Zeroon the horizon for March release, so expect them to be hyping that one.

The rest of the bands are listed alphabetically with obvious Monolith favourites like Devil Sold His Soul - can’t wait to revel in the glorious Belong ╪ Betray live - and the utterly fantastic Zoax lining up alongside gems like Junius, whose EP Days of the Fallen Sun was a particular highlight of last year, and City Of Ships, who I’ve had a quiet little crush on since their 2011 album Minor World. They’re not a big name, but that moody, stripped-back post-hardcore gets me every time.

Beyond that, it drifts into the realms of “I’ve heard that name but not listened to them” and “I’ll have to take your word for it”, but it’s more than likely that a few of them will be good – and there are “many, many more to come.”

Hit The Deck takes place on Saturday 25th April in Bristol and Sunday 26th April in Nottingham. Venues and the like to come, but you can buy your tickets now from this link here.