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Georgian megaliths Mastodon only need to master and then announce release date

Mastodon 2014

Everyone’s favourite mammoth-like metal musicians Mastodon entered the studio to record the follow-up to 2012′s The Hunter back in December, so this should at all come as a surprise, but it seems that everything is pretty much good to go with it. It even has a name: Once More Round The Sun.

Bassist Troy Sanders revealed the name in a recent interview with Paste Magazine, which apparently had been thought up months ago. Regarding the title, he also said:

“In a nutshell: we’re fortunate enough to do this again, but there’s this feeling of this yearly cycle. It’s not a bad thing. We get to go tour a bunch, we get to record a bunch of songs we love. It’s embracing the positive—the wonderful side, to be able to have the same four dudes who love doing what we do so much. And like anything in the Mastodon world, it’s open to interpretation.”

The album will run to about 60 minutes, but there are at least 30 minutes also on the cutting room floor, but “We’re in love with all 15 of [the songs], so they might all see the light of day in some platform or another.” Halfway Round The Sun Again EP? A distinct possibility it seems.

The only thing left to do, apparently, is master the album, and then set a release date. In the meantime, Mastodon are playing Sonisphere in July, so you’ll no doubt get to hear some of the material then if it’s not out yet by then. And if you’re going, obviously.

Other tidbits of information include confirmation of a guest spot from Neurosis‘ Scott Kelly, and a couple of track names: “Diamonds in the Witch House” and “Ember City.” The art is being handled by Oakland artist “Skinner” who specialises in “psychedelic nightmare paintings,” so expect something “striking.”

Anyway, it’ll be out later this year on Warner Brothers Records. I’m pretty sure some people will be talking about it.

Mastodon are also on tour rom the end of this month across North America. Full dates on their site here!