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The Mire’s long-delayed new album Glass Cathedrals is now up on Bandcamp!

The Mire - Glass Cathedrals

A monument to avarice

Oh boy. OH BOY.

I’ve been waiting for this one for a while, and wondering when the various issues surrounding its release would be sorted, but it seems that south coast metal pioneers The Mire have tired of waiting, and in possibly the best way to round off the weekend ever, have released their debut full-length album Glass Cathedrals through Bandcamp.

As we reported not a month ago in our massive 2014 music preview, Glass Cathedrals has been done for a while now. Since August, to be precise, and in a Facebook update in November, the band offered the following information:

“…we’ve had a handful of potential plans for release fall through on us and are currently without a label. We’re confident it’ll see the light of day eventually and are currently pursuing alternatives. in the meantime, consider it Chinese Democracy Part II. Apologies to those who were hoping for a 2013 release, huge thanks for your continued interest and support.”

The band’s previous two releases – a demo called I and an EP called II, which featured the two tracks from the demo – showed a massive amount of talent from the Brighton four-piece, who are headed up by guitarist/vocalist Robin Urbino. II was just over three years ago, and even longer after receiving that gem of a free demo from Eyesofsound, so you can imagine why I am so very excited that this album is now available. We predicted an optimistic Q2 release for it, but consider myself well and truly happy to be wrong.

I once read an interview that said “if these guys played indie rock, they’d be Minus the Bullshit”; such is their approach to the normally drawn-out genre of post-metal. They get right to the point, driven by Urbino’s powerful vocals, and it’s just fantastically written and delivered stuff. Melody is also very important to the music, as even a cursory spin will attest. Check it out and sling them the measly £4 it takes to get hold of it, won’t you?

We’re hoping The Mire will be bringing their live show back over the coming year in support, so watch this space for any details we come across.