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Hello world! Last week I went on holiday and although we had some scheduled content, there were a few things in the news we missed, so here’s a quick recap and some thoughts:

Music Video: Mastodon – “The Motherload”

It seems the biggest story of last week was Mastodon ruffling some feathers with their new video for “The Motherload”, a track from this year’s Once More Round The Sun. As you can see, there are some ladies wiggling their bottoms for a large proportion of it, and that seems to have upset some people

Honestly, I find the whole thing equal parts hilarious and ridiculous. The band seem pretty baffled by all the attention, but at the end of the day, it’s been a very effective marketing tool for them, with a song that is both radio-friendly enough to gain some new fans, but is also undoubtedly them, and not a bad tune at all. Good on all involved.

New Music: Mogwai – “Teenage Exorcists”

Wait, didn’t Mogwai already put out an album this year? A very, very good one, at that?

They did indeed, but last week they announced an EP that is to see release before the year’s end, as well as a taste of it in the form of “Teenage Exorcists“. My my Mogwai; aren’t we prolific this year?

The EP is called Music Industry 3. Fitness Industry 1. and will feature three new tracks, as well as three remixes. It’s out December 1st through Rock Action Records.

Music Video: Devil Sold His Soul – “Unveiled

Ambient post-masters Devil Sold His Soul recently announced a new EP – their first recorded output with new vocalist Paul Green – called Belong ╪ Betray. Amongst the five tracks is “Time“, a song which has been floating around for a year now, so it was nice that something new has been unveiled.

Speaking of, the track is called “Unveiled“, and there’s a video too. I managed to catch the band’s EP launch show on Friday (although the EP isn’t out for another month or so) and am pretty sure I heard this. It sounds pretty good, although I have no idea if the video is related. Either way, make sure to check them out live because that’s where the real magic happens.

Belong ╪ Betray is out November 17th through Basick Records.

Music News: TesseracT sign to Kscope

TesseracT 2014

It was only the week before last that Kscope announced they had signed Nordic Giants. They’ve followed it up with the signing of TesseracT, which is pretty cool. Kscope are somewhat removed from the band’s previous label Century Media, but are of equal quality, with acts like Anathema, Steven Wilson and Ulver on the books.

With fan favourite Dan Tompkins back on the mic, the band’s forthcoming album – slated for release in 2015 – things are looking bright for the band. As usual. Talented bastards.

New Music: Cyclamen – “Thread

This new Cyclamen track was actually from the week before last, but in running around like a crazy person, I missed the boat, so here’s a second pass.

The song is called “Thread” and is a lot longer than anything we’ve heard from the band in a while (at just over 7 minutes). It’s unconfirmed, but I expect this is the first step for the third part of Cyclamen’s proposed Satori Trilogy, which has so far seen 2010′s Senjyu and 2013′s Ashura – a look into Japanese mythology.

Music News: Sylosis announce new album Dormant Heart

Sylosis 2014

We’ve made no secret of our love for British thrash quartet Sylosis over the years – who recently announced long-serving drummer Rob Callard had left the band and would be replaced by sometimes touring fill-in Ali Richardson - so it should be no surprise that we’re excited about the announcement of the band’s forthcoming fourth full-length.

It’s titled Dormant Heart, and frontman Josh Middleton said of it:

“The title refers to people going through life on autopilot and being one of the herd. How a lot of people simply accept the way things are just because it’s ‘tradition’ as opposed to taking a good look at the world around you and thinking for yourself. Sometimes there are catalysts that happen and change our perspective or consciousness…”

It’s also been promised that this is the ”most pissed-off, aggressive and intense album we’ve done”, which most certainly has our groins moistened.

Dormant Heart will be available through Nuclear Blast from January 12th 2015.

Music Video: Exist Immortal – “Liberator

We’ve had a lot of nice things to say about Exist Immortal this last year – we’ve reviewed their debut full-length album Darkness Of An Age, as well as seeing them live on five different occasions – but the latest slice from their camp is a video for the song “Liberator“.

For those who haven’t seen them more recently, it’s the first chance to see new drummer Charlie Bines in action. There’s also a cameo from The Colour Line vocalist Sam Rudderforth (who themselves have been a little quiet of late after cancelling their autumn tour with Murdock, about which I’m still a little gutted).

It’s nicely shot – simple but with some effective staging and lighting. Honestly, it’s not my absolute favourite from the album, but that entire thing is such an earworm, so do yourself a favour and pick it up on Bandcamp.

New Music: Kayo Dot - ”The Mortality of Doves

Kayo Dot‘s new album Coffins On Io has crept up on me a little bit, but the record – their seventh full-length since 2003 – is right around the corner, and last week they debuted a new track through NPR called “The Morality Of Doves”

In true Kayo Dot style, it’s fairly long and arty, so give yourself a little time and space to digest this.

Coffins On Io is out October 16th through The Flenser.