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Monuments’ hotly anticipated second album gets a name, art, tracklist and release date

Monuments - The Amanuensis album art

Hot diggity, we’ve been waiting for word of this one. British progressive metal band Monuments have been busy bees since releasing 2012′s debut Gnosis. They’ve toured loads, changed vocalists, and generally kept the word going, but all news recently has been about the imminent second album, which they began recording around Christmas time I believe.

Well, a big wedge of details have now been released about said follow up: it’s to be called The Amanuensis, which is a reference to David Mitchell’s Cloud Atlas:

“The Amanuensis”, at least the title, was inspired by author David Mitchell’s novel, “Cloud Atlas”. The complex story lines are the perfect analog for MONUMENTS. Musically, the group weave in and out of themes, motifs, and professor-like note calculations with graceful ease. But lyrically “The Amanuensis” comes from a very different place. “The album is about the Samsara cycle,” reveals Browne (guitar). “The cyclical existence of life that we are all bound to.”

That last bit is interesting. More broadly, the title refers to a person employed to write or type what another dictates, or to copy what has been written by another. People are always saying that nothing is new in art (or much, really), and the lyrical and musical concepts seem to be linked through this titular acknowledgement of sorts. Neat, huh?

The Amanuensis will comprise of eleven songs in total, and will look a bit like this:

01. I, The Creator
02. Origin Of Escape
03. Atlas
04. Horcrux
05. Garden Of Sankhara
06. The Alchemist
07. Quasimodo
08. Saga City
09. Jinn
10. I, The Destroyer
11. Samsara

Now, you’ve actually heard at least one of these before – instrumentally, anyway – if you like paying attention to us. Earlier this year Browne visited EMG pickups in America and performed a few songs for their EMGtv YouTube channel, including “I, The Creator” (which used to be called “The Indulger” and “Atlas.” We picked up on the first one here, but sort of missed the second, so here it is:

With new vocalist Chris Barretto at the helm, things are looking quite bright for this one. Keep your ears peeled this summer: the UK, Europe, Australia and New Zealand will get it June 23rd, with the USA & Canadian release following on July 8th, all through Century Media.

If you live in Germany, you can see some of these tunes performed next month on the following dates

10.05.2014 KARLSRUHE (D) Lower Tuned Festival 
11.05.2014 HANNOVER (D) Lux*
12.05.2014 BERLIN (D) Magnet* 
14.05.2014 SAARBRUECKEN (D) Garage*
15.05.2014 FRANKFURT (D) 11er* 
16.05.2014 KOELN (D) MTC *
17.05.2014 LIEGE (BE) 6k Fest w/ Born of Osiris, After The Burial

* w/ Dioramic

or at their only current UK shows on May 22nd at Hatfield University Forum, or Download Festival in June.