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And also reminds us how much we’re hoping for a Say Hello To Sunshine X tour in 2015…

Finch 2013

I have a confession to make. Whilst I (quite rightly) absolutely adore Californian post-hardcore band Finch’s 2005 opus Say Hello To Sunshine, I never actually looked into 2002′s What It Is To Burn. I think an indifferent opinion from one of my friends dissuaded me somewhat, but that was silly, because it a) meant I was indifferent to last year’s tenth anniversary release tour – which also meant the band came back from one of those indefinite hiatus jobbies – and b) meant I actually missed out on some really really good songs, as this teaser from the tour’s live DVD of the song “Letters To You” attests:

What It Is To Burn actually came out in 2002, so 2012 would have been technically been the tenth anniversary year, but most of the touring to celebrate took place in 2013. Nevertheless, it seems to have been a riotous success, and rather than just being one of those “for old times’ sakes” things, Finch will be staying together for the foreseeable future. The DVD is a good sign of things to come, as are the reports of a new song called “Back to Oblivion” being performed during the final dates of the What It Is To Burn X tour. They even said this:

The album has meant so much to us and we cannot thank our fans enough for helping us celebrate it this past year. We will NOT be breaking up. We have never said that we’d break up. We only knew that the anniversary tour would be limited. We will definitely be playing some shows beyond the WIITB tour and are looking forward to the future.

…which is fantastic news. I think baby steps are the name of the game right now, but what I’m really hoping for in the meantime is for the announcement that there will be a tenth anniversary tour for the band’s seminal follow-up Say Hello To Sunshine. That came out in 2005, so we’re going to ask Santa really nicely for that at Christmas. Or Satan. Or Jesus. Whoever; we’re not picky.

The What It Is To Burn Live CD/DVD will be out February 18th through Tragic Hero Records.