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Late nineties metalcore act Zao to return with new album 2014


In the late 90s they rose in popularity as one of the more prominent bands in the metalcore genre, and now Virginia’s own Zao are looking to return this year with an album they promise will be heavier sounding, harkening back to The Funeral of God-era of the band. This is great news, since The Funeral of God is one of their best albums – one some may even argue it is their opus – so to hear they are writing music in the vein of that album is very promising indeed.

In a recent interview with Dutch magazine Rocklife, longtime guitarist Scott Mellinger opened up about the band’s current status, lack of label, faith, and what we can expect from them in 2014. Below is the full interview, which has been translated from Dutch to English, so please excuse the choppiness of it, and for those of you who speak Dutch, you can read the interview via Rocklife.

It has been quiet around the band, what’s been happening in the meantime?

We just lived our lives. We all have each one as private a lot of things that keep us busy, and in addition we are also busy writing new material and are active within the band.

Are there any changes in the line-up compared to the last album (Awake?)?

No, we are still the same as when five, though Russ Cogdell (second guitarist in the band) was not in “Awake?” concerned. But he is still part of the band.

Do you (one of you) also done projects in addition to the band?

Our drummer Jeff has been involved in several bands, including Emanuel and the Fear it is the most important. Marty (bassist) has besides Zao also a band called Young Fox , and Daniel (vocals) and I have been involved in a band called Lonely Ghost Parade.

There is a new album in the works, what can we expect?

Authenticity. We wrote this album for ourselves, to ask ourselves. Satisfied It will likely be more aggressive and heavier sound like the last few albums.

Over the years there have been in style shifts. How the new album will sound like?

We really tried to, on the one hand, what to broaden our horizons, but also to seize back to where our roots lie on the other side, and what we have to do is to decide at all to play. Loud music in the first place As I mentioned earlier, this new album is likely to sound than ‘The Funeral of God “and” Awake?’. Much heavier

Over the years, there came to my mind some more melody and second layers in the music. also on new album?

There are once again multiple layers within the music on this new album, but will be very different in design being the melody. I think the melody as we introduced in the previous albums were more of a kind of standard rock tunes. On the new album, the melody will be more morbid and creepy feeling meekrijgen, not a choir that multiple times or so will be repeated.

Who, what / which band (s) are your examples.

We have so many! All of Neurosis (experimental rock), Sigur Ros (post-rock), and maybe bands like The Melvins into the heavier segment example Coalesce (metalcore). But actually we all love so many different things. None of us actually listening to just one specific genre.

Where do you listen to yourself prefer?

That is far too extensive to good to go. On We love all kinds of music, there are really no limits to what we listen to.

How do you prefer to be seen as a Christian band, a band with Christians or prefer not to label and appreciated the music.

Preferred no label. Only a few of us are Christian, and frankly it’s actually not so important how we are labeled as a band, since I am a member. We wrote then (in 1999) all songs about life, and when it did the matter was appointed.

Where do you get the inspiration for songs and lyrics come from? From your own life, what you are going through, or from the Bible?

The experiences that life offers us. Daniel has always had the heart to the tongue, and always tries to stay. As authentic as possible in his lyrics

What are trying to give you. People through your music and lyrics?

That the music itself can lead you. If you can identify with what the other person is trying to say through his music back then you will realize that you are not alone or the only one you.

Is the way of writing, the content of the texts also changed a lot over the years?

Not much really. We still write what we want, as we have always done. And because Daniel writes of himself, life has already given him anything to write about, but it still comes from the same place.

With the release of “The Funeral of God ‘you toured all of Europe, there is a view of gigs in Europe or perhaps Netherlands to appear in support of the new album?

We would love it again to come back. We still adhere firmly to the idea of ​​’never say never’, but as it looks now is a tour not in it. But who knows what the future will bring, and what opportunities are still expected to serve.

The label which Awake? came is defunct, there is already a view of a new label?

Currently, we are indeed without a label, but that in itself is not a bad thing. We are currently playing with the idea of ​​whether it is possible to bring. The new record itself We have already had several discussions with a number of labels, so close we still nothing.

How is the progress of the new site?

The old domain name is still in our possession, but we have not yet found time to set up. Well working website again However, each of us involved in our Facebook page, so that is currently the best place to keep abreast of developments in the band.

Gauging from the interview, there is a possibility of a new album being released from the band this year, though no exact date has been announced, so it is all up in the air right now. But the mere fact that they are working on new material is a good sign we will be hearing from Zao soon, and I’m stoked to see what they come up with.

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