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Nokturnal Mortum’s 2009 opus to be reissued

Nokturnal Mortum VoS
It was with great excitement that, when I checked Facebook today, I saw that Ukrainian band Nokturnal Mortum were re-releasing their 2009 album The Voice of Steel.

The Voice of Steel is perhaps one of the finest examples of black metal ever. Nokturnal Mortum started out playing black metal infused with the cultural trappings of their homeland, using Slavonic paganism and Ukrainian nationalism in their formula – but by The Voice of Steel, they had added an element of progressiveness to it, to the point where it could be argued that it’s is less a black metal album and just a more extreme prog metal album; those earlier elements are still there, but there is so much more to it.

The Voice of Steel also has a sense of grandeur and majesty, as well as a primal pride; a love for the Ukrainian people and the land. It is a feeling that is all too rare in black metal these days.

The re-release will come in a 2CD digipack, complete with original lyrics and English translations, and a mini-poster – presumably of that utterly jaw-dropping album art. The first disc will be a remixed and remastered version of the album proper, and the second disc will be rare or previously unreleased bonus tracks.

CD1 (“The Voice of Steel” album with new mixing and mastering):

01. Intro
02. The Voice of Steel
03. Valkyria
04. Ukraine
05. My Dream Islands
06. By Path of the Sun
07. Sky of Saddened Nights
08. White Tower

CD2 (bonus section):

01. Valkyria (early version)*
02. Valhalla (BATHORY cover)**
03. Sky of Saddened Nights (early version)*
04. Nights in White Satin (THE MOODY BLUES cover, with guest vocals by Kristian Wahlin aka Necrolord)*

That Moody Blues cover is especially intriguing to me. I can’t wait to hear how it might sound.

The Voice of Steel re-issue will soon be available through Oriana Music and Musical Hall shop, though no actual release date has been announced.

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