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The Ocean release first part to a video blog of last year’s extensive world tour

The Ocean Pelagial World Tour 2013 part 1

2013 was a bit of a heavy year for The Ocean. After releasing the astonkingly good Pelagial in April, they toured for much of the rest of the year, hardly stopping to take a break, and covered a monumental number of countries across the world.

It was no easy time; touring isn’t, but it seemed harder on them, as they became embroiled in a little disagreement with Summer Slaugher’s organisers over the stage-diving restrictions at certain venues during the tour, lost their bassist, drummer and guitarist for various reasons, and generally spending more time on the road than at home.

In between all that, they shipped some awesome physical product packages for Pelagial, released a triple DVD of footage from their previous few years’ touring, and found time to hire a couple of new members for 2014′s touring plans, which include a small European tour later this month, as well as a U.S headlining tour with Scale The Summer, The Atlas Moth and Silver Snakes from next month.

For a while now, they’ve had someone following them around the world with a camera, and so on top of said DVD, they’ve now posted part one of a video blog/documentary for the year that was.

“Produced by the same team who’s responsible for our recently released “Collective Oblivion” triple DVD, this documentary follows us through The Summer Slaughter Tour (USA), Mexico, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, and Russia. Click on the link below to watch us experience Siberian drabness at lake Baikal, Mexican tie-die merch bootlegs and Taiwanese turtle testicles.”

Er, yes. Make sure you watch carefully, as it’s in both subtitled German and English. Here it is!

We actually have a long-awaited interview with Robin pending from when the tour visited the UK, which we’ll have up later today. Check back for that, which includes more in-depth discussion of the tour, the departure of Luc Hess and Jona Nido at the end of 2013, and much much more.