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Two industrial legends join forces to create Lindemann!

Lindemann band image

There was once a time in my younger years where my only exposure to music had been via the modern music charts and the 80′s pop that my parents listened to. One day, this limited palate was exploded open by exposure to Rammstein, the notorious German industrial metal behemoth. After that, my music taste surged from Rammstein to Linkin Park, to Korn, and then eventually to SlipKnot, where it then expanded into a form closer to where it is today.

For those not in the know, Rammstein are currently on indefinite hiatus – for numerous reasons, but most importantly the six of them just don’t get on anymore. It’s been like that for a while now, so the band always used to take breaks between albums, which is when lead guitarist Richard Z. Kruspe started his band Emigrate. They got back together to record their sixth album Liebe Ist Fur Alle Da, before committing to several massive tours. The last thing they released was a single called “Mein Land“; a barbed tongue in cheek send-up of conservative “national pride” values. That was three years ago now, and since then the band have been very quiet. Kruspe is back to doing Emigrate (and is currently promoting the release of their second album), while the rest of the band have remained relatively invisible.

Well, no longer! Frontman Till Lindemann has announced that he is embarking on a solo project, simply titled Lindemann (check out the clean and effective logo below), with fellow industrial legend Peter Tagtgren of Pain/Hypocrisy fame. As you can see in the promo image above, the two seem to be getting along like a house on fire, at least for now. There’s no music from the duo yet, but they’ve just launched a Facebook page, and fellow Swedish industrial vocalist Pär Hulkoff has said that the small parts he’s heard are incredible and the project will “echo into eternity”. While that sounds like hyperbolic rubbish, there’s no denying that a musical collaboration between the two heavyweights is an exciting prospect.

Lindemann logo

What remains to be seen though is just how much Tagtgren is involved in the overall sound of the project. Lindemann is a huge presence as a frontman, but he’s often unfairly overlooked as a singer, so it will be interesting to see if his new music will see him smash that preconception. If not, it might just be what fans clamouring for new Rammstein are searching for.

What do you guys think? Are you excited by this collaboration? Do you just want new Rammstein? Sound off in the comments!
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