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Promotional blog for Randy Blythe’s autobiography/memoir Dark Days: My Tribulations And Trials is launched

andy Blythe Lamb Of God Dark Days book

Recently, the news broke that Lamb of God will be on a short hiatus for most of 2014 after frontman Randy Blythe spoke out about needing a break. It’s understandable, given the stressful time they and in particular he have suffered in the past two years or so, what with the Czech manslaughter trial and all, plus fairly extensive touring around the world.

With the album cycle for Resolution now over, Randy said:

“…except for two festival shows in 2014, I will not be thinking about lamb of god, touring, playing heavy metal, writing new lamb of god material- NONE OF THAT STUFF- AT ALL- for a good long while.

Time to do other things for a bit, & let my brain regroup, & be a somewhat normal human being.”

That doesn’t mean he’ll be totally quiet, however. With everything that’s happened to him, brought to a very crystalline and resolute head since his acquittal last year, Randy has figured he has about enough material for an autobiographical book/memoir, which he is called Dark Days: My Tribulations And Trials. Here’s the blurb:

In Dark Days, Blythe tells the story of his incarceration and the wild life that led up to it. As he explains, “Most substance abuse books end with the author getting sober. My book starts there.”

The promotion for that book has now begun with an extensive post on a brand new blog, separate from any Lamb Of God-related stuff. You can read that here. It details some of what the book will be about, including details regarding his incarceration and trial, and the events that led up to that. Rather than being a self-indulgent money-spinner, however, he says:

“…the tale of my arrest, incarceration, release, and trial are merely the vehicle I will be using to convey what I feel is an important message in today’s fast paced, high tech, self-centered world. I have something to say, and life has presented me with a tragic way to illustrate my point without being preachy or pedantic. I will not moralize or shout from some ludicrous ethical pedestal (I didn’t win the Olympics or cure cancer, I went to prison for Pete’s sake)- I just want to relate how I got through a very scary time and came out with my head held high. I think there is a lesson of value in the telling of my story, if only for myself. Therefore I will write it, and I hope some of you will read it.”

It should be a fascinating read. We’re not sure what the release date is, but it’ll be fairly soon we’d think.