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here’s wot u missed


You might have noticed we sort of went on holiday over Christmas/New Year. Well, I did anyway. Needed a break. How was yours – good? Cool.

Well, it’s now 2015 and we’re back to it, so we thought we’d start with a quick roundup of some noteworthy things we missed, which you might have too, over the past two weeks.

Periphery release another new song, “Graveless

I think this is the fourth preview we’ve had from Periphery‘s impending Juggernaut, but it is a double album, so that’s hardly surprising. “Graveless” comes from Juggernaut: Omega, and bassist Nolly said of it:

“Graveless” is one of my favorite songs on the record! It’s fast and aggressive but morphs into something beautiful and catchy as the song progresses,

There’s an element of the classic Periphery sound in there, but with all band members pushing to take things to the next level it’s got a whole palette of colors the band hasn’t explored before too.

Steven Wilson previews new album with title track

There are more than a few excited Monolithians eagerly anticipating Porcupine Tree mastermind Steven Wilson‘s forthcoming fourth solo album Hand. Cannot. Erase., and a new song – the title track -dropped just a few days ago. It’s due out sometime in February, which is as much as we know right now.

Intervals release video for “Siren Sound

Canadian Intervals may be down a singer (Mike Semesky left the band in December) but they had filmed a video to round off the A Voice Within cycle, so they released it anyway. Boy, it’s ambitious!

“We wanted to do something different with this video and try something cinematic, rather than the usual. We had a lot of fun making this one and we hope you guys enjoy! This is Siren Sound, the motion picture.”

Mammothfest announces full lineup

Mammothfest 2015

Simon immensely enjoyed his time visiting Mammothfest 2014, and on New Year’s Day the organisers blew a massive load on us with the full lineup announcement (pending changes between now and October, obviously). Plenty of time to get your tickets for a festival that will feature plenty of Monolith favourites, including The Sun Explodes, Cyclamen, Core Of Io and Valis Ablaze, as well as some big names in Feed The Rhino, Onslaught and Psycroptic. It’ll be happening October 2nd-4th, which unfortunately clashes with Euroblast in Germany, but such is life, and in reality there’s not a huge amount of crossover in lineup styles, so hey.