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Check out the new trailer for Sabaton’s forthcoming seventh album Heroes

Sabaton Heroes

If it comes as a surprise to anyone by now that I love power metal, you have not been paying attention [which is fine; I don’t – Ed.], and of all the power metal bands out there, Sweden’s Sabaton are one of the finest. Their brand is not the over-melodic cheese-fest that you generally find coming out of Scandinavia. They certainly don’t skimp on the melody, but instead focus on grittier vocals while still keeping true to the “power” part of the genre. Vocalist Joakim Broden has a truly unique voice that he has refined and improved on vastly over the years, and the band’s sound, while keyboard heavy, never fails to get my fists pumping. Furthermore, their lyrical themes generally involve military history, a subject with which I am quite fascinated.

In May, Sabaton will release their seventh studio album, titled Heroes, and yesterday Nuclear Blast released a trailer of sorts for the album. There is no new music showcased, but it gives us Joakim, guitarist Thobbe Englund, and bassist Pär Sundström talking about the album, the writing process, and such. Of course they make the same old statements of being really pleased with it, but they also reveals some trepidation on the part of Joakim, and how he feels the pressure of writing this, the first album with a new lineup and the fan expectations of such. It is a brief but intriguing look into musicians’ thoughts, as he confesses that he threw half of the album out back in November. Take a look:

Now, I know I said there was no new music, and that is sort of true. They use a song in the video that will be on the record, but it was a song that was released some time last year. The song, “Far From the Fame” will see release on Heroes. I absolutely love this song, it has a powerful anthemic chorus, the kind Sabaton do all the time, and the guitar and keyboard riffs are wonderfully written. Joakim, if you are reading this and this song is an indication of how the album will sound, you have nothing to worry about.

Heroes will be released on May 16th via Nuclear Blast Records.

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