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Watch the internet go nuts today, as SikTh announce they will be reuniting to play Download Festival in 2014

SikTh Download festival announcement

Okay you guys. I’m seriously here. It’s happened. SikTh have reunited. Christmas may as well not bother because this is the main event. Move aside Jesus; THIS is the second coming we’ve all been waiting for.

Okay, well, for a festival appearance, anyway – Download 2014 to be precise, as announced today.

People have been gabbering on about the possibility of this reunion for a while, and even more so these past couple of years, so this is quite exciting for a very large volume of people – not least of all those able to attend next year’s Download. I’m not sure it’s the messianical return everyone thinks it will be, but I’m not going to argue it’s going to be pretty damn sweet, and certainly something to see.

Could it possibly be as good as we think it’s going to be? Are we mis-remembering how awesome they were? Is this just a money grab? Has it been too long, and are they too out of practice?

Well…no, not likely. And here’s why:


[quote-symbol symbol1]

And to all of you guys asking us to reform – you know how we feel..

One day when all of our schedules align and we can make it happen we will

Many bands reform for the wrong reasons…often to make a dollar (we’ve been offered a lot to do some shows).
.. Well, we won’t do it for that reason alone. We owe it to our fans to produce something very special when we return. This will take time to create.

Posted back in June, this is a pretty clear statement of intent: “we’re open to the idea, but we’ll only doing it for the right reasons.” Whilst it’s very easy to say that, all the while rolling in a big pile of money, it makes sense for SikTh. Why ruin their own legend for a quick buck? I can’t see them doing anything but trying to make it count. Also:


Forgive my brown nose here, but with individuals as talented as SikTh’s, they were never going to sit around and let that be it.

Mikee Goodman has Outpatients, a relatively new and exciting project with another co-vocalist, and Primal Rock Rebellion. Dan Weller has In Colour, a pop experiment with Skyharbor vocalist Dan Tompkins. Dan Foord has played for Primal Rock Rebellion, Sol Invicto and The HAARP Machine. James Leach is Gallows‘ drum tech, and the internet seems pretty sure he’s in hardcore punk supergroup The Hell. Graham “Pin” Pinney has Aliases of course, and Justin Hill has had a few guest vocal spots besides a heap of production work.

So it’s not like they really need to do this. More than anything:


I mean, come on now. If Meshuggah are the Yaweh of djent, then SikTh have to be, like, Moses or something. Or maybe The Silver Surfer to The Shug’s Galactus. Anyway, my point is that, whilst the djenty sound has evolved and often collapsed in on itself in spectacular fashion, SikTh were really good at what they did, and even now their music blows a lot of that which followed out of the water. Wouldn’t you like to see it, just one more time?

I’m all for moving forward and not reliving past glories, but I can’t bring myself to shoot this down. I just really hope they go further and do a bit of touring too, because I’m not a massive fan of festival life, and would prefer than my petulant wishes are catered for. Please?