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Skyharbor open crowdfunding campaign for album 2

Skyharbor 2014

We’ve talked about Dan Tompkins a lot already this year – he’s been a busy boy, what with a new White Moth Black Butterfly single and things ramping up with indie pop band In Colour (with Dan Weller, sort of ex-of SikTh) – but it’s now time to get moving once again on his third project Skyharbor, an international band that includes drummer Anup Sastry of Intervals and guitarist/producer extraordinaire Keshav Dhar amongst its members.

They released their debut album Blinding White Noise: Illusion & Chaos back in April 2012 through Basick Records, and it was rightly well received. Being that they’re so spread out, though – with members in India, Canada and the UK – it’s hardly surprising that they’ve only played a dozen shows or so together. Nevertheless, things are apparently progressing well with BWN’s as-yet unnamed follow-up, as the band have today launched a Pledge Music campaign in order to fund its production. Say the band:

“It’s been a crazy ride over the last four years. From being nothing more than a few messy Cubase files we had somehow formed a real band over the internet, been invited to be main support to Lamb of God, recorded and released our debut album worldwide, headlined a tour in the UK where we sold out London, and we’re playing Download Festival in June 2014 as our 14th ever show (yup…. crazy). And now, we’re in the process of recording a new album which we’re incredibly proud of and want to make the best possible product we can put out. This includes the production, presentation, packaging, videos, artwork, and all of the things which greatly depend not on our own creative prowess but unfortunately on that troublesome thing called money.”

We’re big proponents of crowdfunding, as we’ve said in the past, and with the campaign already at 18% of the goal with 158 days to go, we’re fairly certain the band will make it, which is fantastic; the world needs more Skyharbor.

The pledge packages are fairly modest and well-priced, ranging from an £8 download of the album, through signed physical copies, vocal coaching and production lessons, special physical products like handwritten lyric sheets and drum skins, to having a guest spot on your own music from Dan, or being able to go on a night out with the band when they next tour the UK.

Speaking of touring, the band are scheduled to play Download Festival in four weeks’ time, after which they’ll be playing five dates across Germany; details for that below:

Skyharbor German tour 2014 Chris