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Father/daughter grindcore duo overcome setbacks and set launch date for debut album

Sockweb - Werewolf

So, things have been quiet in the Sockweb camp for a little while now. Since last year’s successful merch crowdfunder, there have been a few problems for the web’s most brutorable grindcore duo – comprised of father Adam and daughter Joanie Young – including file loss and production hold-ups, but all of these are finally being put to bed, and the pair have now announced that the long-awaited Werewolf will be released on March 25th.

There have thankfully been a few stop-gaps to tide fans over, including the cheap-as-chips $1 Bullies Are Mean EP, which collected the existing demo tracks in their fully-mastered glory, as well as the “Werewolf” video (which has had over 33,000 views since August) and the Christmas jingle - but it’s the full album that everyone’s been waiting for, and so it’s exciting times that it’s only a month away.

You’ll recall that Werewolf includes a few choice guest spots from the likes of Auric‘s Erik Ebsen, Joe Torchia of The Flux Conspiracy, Jonathan Chun of Goodthink, and of course Agoraphobic Nosebleed‘s Katherine Katz, one of Joanie’s favourite vocalists, and all of whom make an outstanding contribution to the project.

As mentioned, Werewolf will be released on our own Monolithic Records imprint on March 25th. More news in the coming weeks, including pre-orders and some special new sneak previews.