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Tech Fest – the UK’s Premier Tech-Metal Festival – announces first bands

Tech Fest 2015 announcement 1

UK Tech Fest, or UK Tech-Metal Fest, or UKTF, or just The Best God Damn Festival In The UK – as it’s known to regular attendees – is still a fairly new festival all things considered, but as we approach 2015, plans are already being unveiled for next year’s edition, which will be the fourth.

We’ve covered the last two, and had ever-increasing amounts of fun each time. If it’s not the best, it’s definitely the friendliest festival any of us have ever been to, and as far as we’re concerned, long may it continue.

Speaking to chief organiser Simon Garrod at Tech Fest 2014, it was clear things were already well under way for the next iteration, and today we get some solid news, with the festival’s first line-up announcement – hot on the heels of sister festival Euroblast last week.

The big news is Polish death metal heavyweights Decapitated. This is a bold choice; whilst technical, death metal hasn’t been prevalent in previous years, but Gorod were well received last summer, so it’s not an unwarranted choice, and it’s a real statement of intent for the growing enterprise.

Haken are the big UK name; Kevin loves them to pieces, so he’ll be very jealous, but as one of prog’s rising stars, they’ll be very welcome.

One quite a few attendees have been requesting is Indiana’s The Contortionist, and we’re in luck, as they will be returning after their first ever UK tour this winter (which was reviewed here) to be part of the fun. Their latest album Language (review of that here) is stonkingly good, and they’ll fit right in.

For the past couple of years in particular, Tech Fest has drawn acts from the other side of the world – more than a few American acts (with Drewsif Stalin, Felix Martin and Alaya), as well as Indian/Canadian/British outfit Skyharbor in 2013 – but Plini is probably the most far-flung act to have been booked so far. A native of Syndey, Australia, the achitectural student and multi-instrumentalist crafts stunning instrumental music, and will be a real treat.

He has also collaborated with another of the announced, Scottish prog producer Sithu Aye. With both at the same festival, we’re sure to hear a rendition or two of the collaborated pieces from their split EP I.

Joining him from very-far-away is Japanese tech band Cyclamen; a product of Hayato Imanishi, who created the band whilst living in the UK, so we sort of claim them as one of our own. They actually toured the UK last year, and put on a splendid show; the band’s current lineup is a mixture of solidity and energy, and will be a real treat.

Furthermore, trans-continental trio Slice The Cake – by way of England, Sweden and Australia – are also joining the part. All of these far-flung and generally bedroom projects are something of a coup. It’s exciting, but also a gamble – whether these bands can do it live is another matter, so best of luck to them all.

Further down the bill are a slew of bands that will require further investigation, but many are somewhat familiar. Americans The Room Colored Charlatan have been making a name for themselves, whilst Hieroglyph are already Monolith favourites.

Full details on the poster above. There’s quite a spread there; a variety of styles that diversify from previous years. There are of course many more to come, but this is a tasty teaser indeed.

Tech Fest 2015 will occur July 9th-13th 2015 at Newark Showground. Keep up to date with all the latest Tech Fest news via the website or official Facebook page - or, indeed, right here on The Monolith – and make sure to grab your ticket nice and early! For a taster of last year’s event, watch the below video from Metal Wasp Media of Sunday headliners SikTh!