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Help Three Trapped Tigers (the band) help hopefully more than just three trapped tigers (the animal)


I like tigers. Quite a lot. My Facebook profile picture was taken when I got the chance to hand-feed a fully grown male tiger, which was magical and lightly terrifying.

I also like Three Trapped Tigers. Quite a lot. I got the chance to see them last week on tour supporting The Dillinger Escape Plan. That was a fine evening – also magical and lightly terrifying.

Just in case you didn’t catch them snaking round the country with Dillinger (where WERE you?), supporting Deftones not too long ago, or even at ArcTanGent, Three Trapped Tigers are a London-based instrumental trio playing a headbending, bionic soundclash of math-rock and glitch electronica. It can be a thoroughly bewildering first listen, but a little perseverance pays considerable dividends.

And now I, and indeed everyone else, has an opportunity to combine these two interests, as the band has released an EP, and all the proceeds from its sale are being donated to the WWF and their tiger-saving initiatives. Which is a lovely thing to do, isn’t’t it?

The EP consists of three choice cuts from their 2011 Route One Or Die album, performed live in a studio, courtesy of They even squeezed a few cameras in there with them so you can see what it looked like as well.  Here it is.

Great stuff.

So you can have the opportunity to get a warm, fuzzy feeling by helping out some warm, fuzzy critters and get a clutch of quality tunes to enjoy as well.  You can’t say fairer than that, can you?  I’ve already made my donation.

Now that their tour with Dillinger has come to an end, Three Trapped Tigers are due to retreat to their laboratory and write some material for their next album.  If you like what you hear on this live EP, then you will find that Route One Or Die, a collection of their previous three EPs and a remix album are all available on the Bandcamp page of their label, the charmingly named Blood and Biscuits, over here for very reasonable prices.

But before you do any of that, follow this link and pick up your copy of the charity EP.

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