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Dustin Kensrue’s Reddit AMA reveals mindset towards future reunion

Thrice 2012

Whenever a band goes on hiatus, you have to wonder if they mean it. That is to say, is it a hiatus, or a full breaj-up?

It’s an easy way to lessen the pain for fans, and even with the best intentions, these things often don’t pan out. We’re currently missing some very important bands in this category – Genghis Tron, Thursday, War From A Harlot’s Mouth – and whilst some do come back (At The Drive-In being a notable example) many don’t.

One of the biggest in recent years, at least in alternative circles, was the hiatus of Thrice. The Californian band spent 14 years making some pretty amazing music, and even after two years, fans still miss them – big time.

Well, it seems like their hiatus is exactly that, and frontman Dustin Kensrue confirmed as much in an AMA he conducted on the post-hardcore community of Reddit last week.

Several people quizzed him over the potential for reunion tours and new music, and the manner in which he answered them indicated that he is and always has been open to it, and that is has always been on the cards. That’s great to hear, and whilst he’s undoubtedly busy in his new life as a worship leader at Seattle megachurch Mars Hill, as well as producing his solo music, no-one should rule out new Thrice in a few years.

“I miss making music with those dudes and look forward to doing so again at some point.”

So yeah, it’s not really big news per se, as nothing imminent has been indicated, but it’s still on their minds, so, you know – don’t worry about it.