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Blissfucker: the pinnacle of human achievement

Trap Them Blissfucker

Forget Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band; forget Thriller; forget Paranoid. No, THIS is the best album name of all time, and should be sung throughout the halls of rock for eternity.

Yes, Trap Them have just announced their new album is to be called Blissfucker. Bliss. Fucker. That is, as the kids say, “well good.”

And how long it has been since Trap Them last graced us with new material? It feels like ages, and maybe it’s not been that long, but with Darker Handcraft being one of 2011′s finest hardcore albums, we’ve certainly missed them. It is absolutely crushing, in that rifftacular, Black Breath kind of way. It was angular and hard-hitting and glorious.

But the date is not far off. As Guitarist Brian Izzi said yesterday:

“I’m holding the test press of the new Trap Them album in my hand. The title is Blissfucker. I think it lives up to its name.”

Trap Them - Blissfucker test press

We could not be happier. What’s more, the band have unveiled the first new cut, called “Salted Crypts,” and you can check that out below:

Aaaaah, they’re back. Blissfucker is out June 10th through Prosthetic Records. Bliss fucking fucker.