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More stonking bands added to the Tech-Fest line-up

UK Tech Metal Fest 2014 lineup 1

Last month we got a first glimpse at the line-up for the rapidly expanding UK Tech-Metal Fest, an event which is only entering its third year, but one that is showing ever more promise as its ambition – and the experience of the organisers – grows.

You’ll recall that first glimpse included a first top-biller of German progressive post-metal band The Ocean, exclusives up the wazoo including Glass Cloud, Vildhjarta and The Eyes Of A Traitor, and the promise of a big wedge of yet more awesome acts to follow.

Well, today they’ve announced the next lot – a modest thirteen in all – with yet more bands so good you may want to buy a second ticket for your jaw, which has dropped off and gone off to start its own life.

Foremost amongst these is probably Devil Sold His Soul, the now veterans of the UK metal scene. An EP and three stellar albums under their belts, with a fourth on the way, the group are looking to make a strong start with new vocalist Paul Green (The Arusha Accord) and this seems like a great platform to do just that. From a personal perspective, I’ve seen these guys more times than I care to count, and certainly the most of any act, and they always put on a great show.

Returning are favourites from last year and fellow Basick Records dudes Chimp Spanner and The Algorithm, both of whom were in fine form last year, as well as Serbians Destiny Potato and David Maxim Micic – the latter of whom is in the former. You’ll recall a late 2013 review of David’s Bilo 3.0 which marked it as one of the overlooked greats of the year.

Quite excitingly, American debutants Alaya, who released Thrones earlier this year, will be joining Glass Cloud, Felix Martin and Drewsif Stalin on the journey from the States.

We published a live report on Friday for Martyr Defiled, who are peddling new album No Hope No Morality at the moment, and who are also added to the roster, along with Destroy Everything dudes Now, VoyagerShieldsNo Sin Evades His GazeNoise Trail Immersion and Doomed From Day One.

That makes 35 all told now, with more than a few more to come we think, but that’s all we have to say on the matter now, so get yourselves over here and buy a ticket already.