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Secretive supergroup to release album in July

United Nations - Temporary Residence

Right back when we started this site, we wrote a feature about the best supergroups in heavy music. You probably don’t remember it, so here it is for posterity.

Amongst those mentioned was United Nations, one of the best and worst kept secrets in hardcore. Their only official member is former Thursday frontman Geoff Rickly, but other rumoured and half-confirmed past members including Glassjaw/Head Automatica crooner Daryl Palumbo, Converge drummer Ben Koller and Made Out Of Babies bassist Eric Cooper, who aren’t named for a variety of contractual and legal reasons – not least of all because the band has in the past been sued by the real United Nations over the use of the name. As such, all promo photos are of unidentifiable people in Ronald Reagan masks.

The band released their self-titled debut in 2008, and it was fucking great, but things have been quiet since. Never completely silent though, a variety of EPs and other sundries have been released since then but been hamstrung in some way. In an interview with Radio Cardiff’s Morgan Richards, Rickly said of it:

“The idea is it’s all the seven inches that got banned, because we were actually sued by the United Nations, so we tried releasing a lot of music all over the world. We were successful in some parts; we did a cassette called Illegal U.N. and we had a Serious Business 7″ that was banned in Russia, so it’s like basically all the banned music we ever tried to get out there in the last couple of years put together on one album. And it actually totally works; for some reason it sounds like a full-length, so that’s the way we’re releasing it.”

The release will be a box set, which is pretty neat. It’ll be coming out through Temporary Residence, who handle the likes of Explosions In The Sky, Young Widows and Mono, so the short, sharp burst of powerviolence that make up United Nations’ regular territory is something or a departure, but hey.

The effort is set to drop July 15th. Here’s a taste of what it’s to sound like (bear in mind this is a lo-fi rip from a tape):