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New details emerge about Outpatients, a new band with Mikee Goodman


For the last couple of months, I’ve been hearing rumours and murmurs of a new project featuring the distinctive talents of ex-Sikth vocalist Mikee Goodman.

And now they have broken cover. The band is called Outpatients. Details are still fairly thin on the ground, but we do know that Mikee is again sharing vocal duties. However, this time around the second vocalist is female and Japanese. Mikee apparently hooked up with Yuuri on a trip to Tokyo, and the band have been gradually piecing themselves together since then.

To whet our appetites, the band have released a video for first single “Throw Rocks“. Its pretty neat.

Obviously, with Mikee’s singular vocal stylings, comparisons with Sikth are utterly inescapable. But Outpatients aren’t really a tech band. From my first listens to the track, they seem to have more in common with the brawny grooves of Skindred, colliding with some quirky electronica in a manner that brings to mind other Japanese acts like Mad Capsule Markets, or even the fabulously bonkers Melt Banana.

Its also interesting to note that the footage for this video was shot almost a year ago, so the band have obviously been taking their time refining their sound.

Its difficult to draw many firm conclusions from a single track, but initial indications are promising. Certainly, to these ears, far more promising than Mikee’s collaberation with Iron Maiden‘s Adrian Smith, Primal Rock Rebellion.

To properly introduce themselves, Outpatients have booked a tour of assorted shoebox-sized venues around the South of England for the end of October. The London date of this jaunt takes place on the 30th, in my personal favourite tiny venue, Our Black Heart in Camden. I’ve already greedily snaffled my tickets for that particular show.

Once word gets out, I don’t imagine tickets for any of these shows will be available for long, so anyone that wants to get on at the ground floor with Outpatients is strongly advised to move fast. Check their website for a full list of the dates.  Keep up to date with the band via their new Facebook page.

What do you guys think? Are you excited by this band? Do you like the song they’ve released? Do you miss Sikth? Will you go to one of Outpatients’ shows? Sound off in the comments!

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